In 1982, the Jesuits arrived in Camden to serve the residents of North Camden, and started the Jesuit Urban Service Team (JUST) at Holy Name of Camden to address several social inequalities within North Camden. The following year, Fr. Mark Aita, S.J., M.D., founded St. Luke's Catholic Medical Services to provide primary care to the underserved and uninsured of Camden, NJ. At that time, the only clinic in North Camden had multiple rotating physicians. He realized that primary care providers must know and be known by their patients in order to provide holistic care, manage chronic diseases, and promote healthy lifestyles. St. Luke's has remained true to his vision. The providers, an internal medicine physician and a family nurse practitioner, follow up with their own patients, building a trust essential to health promotion.

Lesly D’Ambola, D.O.                                                                               Phone: (856) 365-4642

Internal Medicine - Medical Director                                                            Fax: (856) 365-0539

Christopher Myers, APN

Family Nurse Practitioner

St. Luke’s Catholic Medical Services 

511 State Street

Camden, NJ 08102